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Steven Potts is an artist residing in Chattahoochee Hills, a city near metro Atlanta, Georgia.

He started turning wood about fourteen years ago, after being inspired by a local artist he discovered on one of his many trips to the North Georgia Mountains. He watched the artist turn for nearly half that day. Afterwards he ran home and bought a lathe from a local store and the rest is history. Steven’s sculptures have evolved into a true talent in the area of wood turning.

Steven uses exotic and unusual domestic woods to make his unique artwork. He incorporates classical shapes, sculptural designs, tints, inlays, and the natural inclusions and formations of the wood. He adds organic, natural elements from all over the world as an avenue for artistic expression. Each vessel is a unique piece of art. The glasslike finishes on the pieces are made by using a special lacquer that he mixes. This finish will not crack, but move as the wood moves, insuring that the sculpture will last a lifetime.

“Turning wood has become a passion that truly consumes me. Every tree has a story to tell, and if I can save it to show everyone how beautiful the tree really is - not just what you see on the outside, but on the inside - then I will have done my job. Trees are living organisms that have purpose in life. Whether it is to give a family needed shade or animals needed food. I preserve it's story in the form of a vessel. Now it will continue to live, and show its beauty forever."
No trees are harmed to create Steven's artwork. Only burls or damaged trees are used to make these vessels.
Contact Information: Steven Potts 8800 Watkins Rd Chattahoochee Hills, GA 30268 Phone: 678-378-0963